i can't eat chocolates

sigh, one of the things i definitely need to get used to now is that i actually cannot get away from valentine's day.

i tell myself to be grateful for the past few months. if the poor sod wants a bloody chocolate, just give it to him. we got into a little argument about this, and i realised it is silly to fight over something like this. there are bigger beliefs to propagate.

i'm flying to sapporo tonight. i wanted to get him the kahlua bars from awfully chocolate but it wouldn't survive the flight.

looks like i will be making chocolate fudge next week. ~yay~

(i promise to sound more excited - and grateful, in my next entry.)

(wish me luck.)


everything except this

even if that means staying here for at least ten years.

i think if a woman has to give up (part of) her dreams for the idiot she loves, that idiot better be worth the sacrifice.

but there is something about me that makes this a problem.

i hate giving up on something without even trying.

keeping up with january

i guess if i actually do fulfill resolutions, the one i would keep every year is this:

try to be happy.

somehow it feels like i am incapable of holding on to the light. since that is very difficult to keep, i guess i should keep option #2.

try to write, every day.
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"like there were butterflies where organs should be."

she took the words right out of my heart.

"what are two years, 730 days, 17520 hours? i want this letter to be something you can read and feel like you miss me but remember i’ll be seeing you soon, no goodbyes or never seeing each other again just i’ll miss you until you come back. we could have had a great story but instead this is it for now and what happens next is up to this huge universe."

Eid Mubarak!

At the end of every Ramadan, I'm always surprised by how fast time flies. Once again, on Eid, I feel weirded out every time I munch on something during the day. That fleeting sense of guilt, replaced by a sigh of relieved, knowing that yes it is okay to eat now.

Every year, my sister and I get ready for the festivities. I will fill out the treats we baked the past couple of weeks into little containers, to be placed in the living room. I will look at our new carpets in despair, because I have four cats.

We will wait for the rest of my relatives to visit. Since the demise of my last grandparent, my mum being the oldest means we don't have to go anywhere - if at all.

A good day. After all, any day with second breakfasts is a terrific one.

By the way, my hair for today :


i'll never make it in time

credit: not mine

another rose wilts in east harlem,
and uptown, downtown,
a thousand miles between us.
she's waiting for the night to fall.
let it fall, i'll never make it in time.

sound is the colour i know, oh,
sound is what keeps me looking for your eyes,
and sound of your breath in the door,
and oh, the sound will bring me home again.
-- east harlerm, beirut

don't judge

Maybe I should share the series I was talking about in this somewhat cryptic post.

Young Hero Fong Sai Yuk follows the life of Chinese martial arts hero Fong Sai Yuk during his youth. The lead actor, Dicky Cheung, despite the most unfortunate name in showbiz, is perhaps the only Chinese comedian I like.

The series started with FSY being the troublemaker, and most of the time, these mischiefs include the help of mother, Mui Chui Fa! Both of them are very similar - loves to fight, great at martial arts, and are very afraid of Fong Tak (FSY's father, MCF's very boring but very lovable husband). The first 13 episodes are probably the funniest and most exciting of the lot. Mind you, there are 40 episodes altogether. The rest of the series then follows FSY's move to the famous Shaolin temple. Even though it starts to get more dramatic at the later part of the series, Dicky Cheung's comical antics will always ensure that no lengthy scenes leave you snoozing to the next episode.

Well, if this review sparks some interest and got your eyebrows all in a wriggle, I must share that you can view the entire episodes here. (Copy and paste the link, I wouldn't want the evil Internet police to discover this gem & shut it down!)

They're in Cantonese though, and only the first 2 episodes are subbed. Frankly speaking, I prefer watching in the original Cantonese because nothing beats natural tones. Because I have the VCD, I can also watch it in Mandarin, so I understand perfectly. Rather relieved I haven't lost my grasp of the language. I thought my terrible venture in Japanese killed that ability. This just further confirms that the languages you pick when between the age of 7 - 15 years old really stick to you!

The only trouble about this show now is that I have random Cantonose or Mandarin in my head now.